WPSA participants in Madrid (photo taken on the 8th of March 2017, International Women Day)

If you plan to attend the meeting on-site and your name is not in the list below, please fill in the registration form and send it by e-mail to the local organiser, Elena de la Luna (deadline: 16/Dic/2016)

List of confirmed on-site/remote participants:

No. Name Affiliation Participation
1 Gerardo Giruzzi CEA On site (6-10/March)
2 Emmanuel Joffrin CEA On site
3 Elena de la Luna CIEMAT On site (6-10/March)
4 Alfredo Pironti ENEA/CREATE On site (8-10/March)
5 Peter Lang IPP Garching On site (6-8/March)
6 Fabio Villone ENEA/CREATE On site (6-10/March)
7 Vincenzo Vitale ENEA/CREATE On site (6-10/March)
8 Bernhard Ploeckl IPP Garching On site
9 Tamás Szepesi Wigner RCP On site (6-10/March)
10 Christian Day KIT On site
11 Roman Zagorski IPPLM On site (6-10/March)
12 Tommaso Bolzonella Consorzio RFX On site (6-10/March)
13 Mathias Dibon IPP Garching Remote participation
14 Luka Garzotti UKAEA On site (6-10/March)
15 Marco Wischmeier IPP Garching On site (6-10/March)
16 Carlos Sozzi ENEA/IFP-CNR On site (6-10/March)
17 Michele Romanelli UKAEA On site (6-10/March)
18 Beatriz Ocaña University of Tuscia On site (6-10/March)
19 Gianmaria de Tommasi ENEA/CREATE On site (8-9/March)
20 Francesco Orsitto ENEA/CREATE On site (6-10/March)
21 Darren McDonald EUROfusion-PMU On site (6-10/March)
22 Costanza Maggi UKAEA On site (6-10/March)
23 Jesus Vega CIEMAT On site
24 Stanislas Pamela UKAEA On site (6-10/March)
25 Matthieu Scannapiego KIT On site (6-8/March)
26 Leonardo Pigatto Consorzio RFX On site (6-10/March)
27 Jean-Francois Artaud CEA On site (6-10/March)
28 Rui Coelho IPFN – IST On site (6-10/March)
29 Feng Liu University of Nice On site (6-10/March)
30 Nuno Cruz IPFN-IST On site  (6-10/March)
31 Daniel Dunai Wigner RCP On site (6-10/March)
32 Jerónimo García CEA On site (6-10/March)
33 Mikhail Turnyasnskiy EUROfusion-PMU On site (6-10/March)
34 Silvana Nowak ENEA/CNR-IFP On site (6-10/March)
35 Matteo Vallar Consorzio RFX On site (6-10/March)
36  Daria Ricci ENEA/CNR On site (6-10/March)
37 Tania Kuirki-Suonio Aalto University On site
38 Konsta Särkimaki Aalto University On site (6-10/March)
39 David Terranova Consorzio RFX Remote participation
40 Juan Manuel Ayllon-Guerola University of Seville On site (6-10/March)
41 Manuel Garcia-Muñoz University of Seville On site (6-10/March)
42 Rudolf Neu IPP Garching On site (7-9/March)
43 Massimo Nocente University of Milano-Bicocca On site (6-10/March)
44 Marco Tardocchi ENEA/IFP-CNR Remote participation
45 Luca Giacomelli ENEA/IFP-CNR Remote participation
46 Krzysztof Galazka IPPLM On site (6-10/March)
47 Enrico Perelli ENEA/IFP-CNR On site (6-10/March)
48 Massimiliano Mattei ENEA/CREATE On site (8-10/March)
49 Alessandro Moro ENEA/IFP-CNR Remote participation
50 Alessandro Fassina RFX-CNR On site
51 Isabel Nunes IPFN-IST On site (6-10/March)
52 Mario Cavinato F4E On site (7-9/March)
53 Emilia Solano CIEMAT On site (6-10/March)
54 Sandra Romanelli CCFE On site (9/March)
55 Filippo Sartori F4E On site (7-9/March)