The code ISDEP (Integrator of Stochastic Differential Equations for Plasmas) was created, developed and exploited during my PhD thesis. It calculates ion orbits in 3D magnetic configurations. It was ported to several incipient computing platforms: grid, interactive grid and volunteer computing.


Video of the application IVISDEP (Interactive Visualization of ISDEP).

ISDEP at the 3D Stereo Visualization Laboratory at BIFI:

ISDEP running in the volunteer-computing plattform Zivis (TV news in Spanish):


EIRENE is a Monte Carlo code for the 3-dimensional simulation of linear transport of test neutrals in a prescribed background medium. It includes the full description of the TJ-II vacuum vessel.


Among other quantities, it calculates the particle source, which is an input for transport balance studies:

For more information, visit the official site of the project.

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