Intermachine comparison

The International Stellarator/Heliotron Database, pursued under the auspices of IEA Implementing Agreement for Cooperation in Development of the Stellarator Heliotron Concept (2.10.1992), aims at contributing to bringing the stellarator line to maturity as a possible alternative to tokamaks. This is done by providing a physics-based step-ladder approach on issues deemed critical for the development of credible reactor scenarios, such as: energy confinement predictions, density control, impurity content… The work consist on documentation of experiments, validation of stellarator modelling and comparative studies in order to assess the competitiveness of the different magnetic configurations. Several types of datasets (named ‘physics topics’) are available in the database.

From 2016 to 2019 I was responsible officer of the stellarator database, with the following workplan:

  • Bring the database into a common EUROfusion database infrastructure.
  • Identify open fields/missing topics and required actions towards a physics basis for a stellarator fusion power plan.
  • Conduct intermachine studies, including energy and particle transport.
  • Register new datasets.
  • Report to the Coordinating Working Group Meeting.

Examples of such reports can be found in:

Examples of comparative study performed thanks to the database can be found in:


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