About me

My research field as Senior Researcher at the Laboratorio Nacional de Fusión (LNF) is transport in fusion plasmas. Although the aspect of transport in which I have more experience is neoclassical transport modelling by means of numerical codes, along my career I have tried to widen my area of expertise:

  • I have contributed to several of the topics identified as crucial in Mission 8 (“Stellarators”) of the European Fusion Roadmap: energy confinement, density control, impurity accumulation, island divertors and stellarator optimization.
  • I have been involved in these studies at several levels: from the development of new theories to the exploitation of new diagnostics, including in between the development and use of numerical codes and the design, conduction and analysis of experiments.
  • I have taken part in the exploitation of several devices that constitute the Stellarator Heliotron Concept and the Coordinated Working Group Meeting, in which I participate regularly: TJ-II, Wendelstein 7-X and the Large Helical Device.
  • For my simulations, I have achieved access to supercomputers Marconi Fusion, Helios y Mare Nostrum, but I have also contributed to the development of new supercomputing plattforms such as the European Grid Infraestructure (through the EGEE II project of the Sixth Framework Program, in whose final review I participated) and to the creation of the citizen supercomputers Zivis and Ibercivis.

Formally, I conduct my research within the Eurofusion Work Packages S1 (“Preparation and Exploitation of W7-X Campaigns”), managing the activity “Validation of stellarator specific theory models”, and S2 (“Stellarator Optimisation”). Additionally, I coordinate a “Theory, Simulation, Validation and Verification” task related to neoclassical transport in tokamaks. I am also responsible officer for the International Stellarator/Heliotron Database, whose goal is to contribute to bringing the stellarator line to maturity by means of documentation of experiments at different devices, and I am member of the Eurofusion Database Committee. I am part of the W7-X team, where I have coordinated experimental proposals in two subgroups of the Task Force III (“Transport and Stability”) of the OP1.2 campaign. Finally, I am principal investigator of the project Collisional and turbulent transport in stellarators of the Spanish National Plan for Scientific Research.

As a result of my work, I have published 62 papers in peer-reviewed journals, 15 of them as main author; 3 of them were published in Physical Review Letters (1 as main author), 1 in Nature Physics and 1 in Nature Communications. I have been invited speaker twice at the EPS Conference on Plasma Physics and once at the European Fusion Theory Conference.

Curriculum vitae (PDF following the official Spanish format).

ResearcherID: F-9486-2012.

Orcid: 0000-0001-8510-1422.

Google Scholar: José Luis Velasco Garasa.

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