The EPS Plasma Physics Division is bestowing various prestigious awards at its annual EPS Conference on Plasma Physics:

Sanae-I Itoh

During the conference, Professor Sanae-I Itoh is also offering the Kyushu University Itoh Project Prize to a young researcher presenting a poster. The prize, established in 2005, is sponsored by the Kyushu University and co-organized by the Institute of Physics (IOP) Publishing. It aims at recognizing doctoral students who have achieved excellent performance in the research on plasma turbulence, transport, confinement, or any related topic.
The winners are invited to the Kyushu University where an opportunity is provided to give lectures and start collaborative research.

Student Poster Prizes, sponsored by PPCF, the EPS Plasma Physics Division and IUPAP C16, are also awarded to PhD students.

Finally, the Landau-Spitzer Award is – since 2012 – jointly awarded by the APS and EPS Plasma Physics Divisions, every 4 years during the conference.